Hello world!

In late 2013, I began learning how to program.  I started with C# and XNA.  My goal was to make a video game.  In the past 4 years I learned a lot.  Making video games is difficult, frustrating, and at times, tedious.  But it is also fun.  I started a number of projects and have been sidetracked quite a few times but I have maintained work on one project.

During the summer of 2015, I wrote a custom physics engine for use with a game engine called Construct 2.  The physics was loosely based off of Nintendo era platformers, such as Super Mario Brothers 3, but included the ability to arbitrarily flip gravity and invert navigable space.  Within a few months, I developed a prototype for a 2d adventure platformer game using the physics system I had made.

Later that fall, I abandoned Construct 2 and moved my entire project into Unity3d.  Construct 2 didn’t allow projects to scale very well, and I encountered numerous problems managing data and the scope of the project.  I had also been encountering performance issues as well.  Combined with a poor coding environment, I ultimately decided to use Unity.   It took about 2 months for me to move the project and resume progress.  I had been dappling in Unity for several years but I still had to commit a fair amount of time to learn its quirks while adapting my code from javascript to C#.

In 2016, I rewrote the entire project library in order to take advantage of OOP principles and to apply better coding practices.  My original code was a mess,  tedious to maintain, and difficult to decipher.

2017 saw little forward progress in the code base as  I mostly worked on art assets which consumed a ridiculous amount of my time.  I made the decision to upscale graphics from a general 8bit look to 16bit which essentially quadrupled my art work load.  I would create assets and then rework them and then rework them again.  I am slow at creating art, and get easily distracted.  But things are starting to fall into place.

Today, I am happy to be at a place where I can begin sharing my creation with the world.  I present:

Every week I will be updating this devlog with whatever I happened to be working on.  From time to time, I will also post tutorials on various aspects of the creation process.


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