CSS and Unity Assets. Devlog Week 3.

I had goals this week.  Working on the game was at the top of the list.  Instead, I dove further into CSS, SEO, web security, and PHP.   wpmudev has been an awesome place to learn all things related to word press and I highly recommend checking theme out if you want to learn about using WordPress in a technical way.

Currently, this website is using a slightly modified twenty-seventeen theme.  I created a child theme as well as some custom widgets and hope to get that published next week.  Woot.

Despite my potential to be distracted I still managed some actual progress this week.  I mostly worked on art assets and animations.  In order to speed things up, I bought two unity assets.  Both have been invaluable and I highly recommend checking them out if you are working on a 2d project.  Here they are:

 PowerSprite Animator

Run pink panda bear! Run!

This tool is super sleek and makes editing frame based animations not suck.   You can hook events into frames, call animations from scripts, and more.  If you are more accustomed to a 2d game engine, and a 2d workflow, this asset can’t be beat.

I was able to set the following animation up in about 5 minutes and that included reading the manual.

Run little robot! Run!

You can also add attachment points to the frames that can be called via scripts allowing you to do whatever you like with that info.  Like add hats and guns.

Super Tilemap Editor

This is another great tool.   It does what it says it does.  Plus you can set up parallax scrolling to boot.  I got it because it integrates well with Tiled and I am already familiar with that software.  As it happens, Super Tilemap Editor is just as easy to use as Tiled.  Consequently, I imagine I may just produce all my tilemaps from within Unity now.

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