Website Development. Devlog Week 4.

Work has continued on overhauling TernaryGate,com at the expense of working on the game.   A new version of the planned site can be found temporarily at PhosGames.  The goal is to have the studio website and game website look nearly identical in style, but since the new changes are still a bit buggy I am waiting before I install it here.

I’ve been learning wordpress hooks, php, and jquery, in addition to the genesis framework from StudioPress.  I probably should have tried to master first one and then another, but my stubbornness is paying dividends.  Getting parallax scrolling to work with dynamic menus should be easy, especially for a game programmer right?  Apparently not for me at least.  I spent the better part of two frustrated days wrangling with genesis hooks so I could get some css classes where they needed to be so I could apply proper image styling with transforms… and believe me, I am probably just as confused by what I just wrote as you are.

At this rate, I’ll be a real web master.

I did, however add some new animations to the mediablog on tumblr.  They are super basic and need a bit more work, but the idea is there.  Check it out:

This run cycle is 6 frames.  There is also a 360 cycle:

You can follow Ternary Gate on Tumblr or on FaceBook.  You can also find me, author, artist, gamedev, and now webmaster on Tumblr as well.

Week 5 will hopefully be about tilemaps, though I am sure I will continue fiddling around with web stuffs in the coming weeks.  In the meantime, Cheers!

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