CSS, WordPress, and Hosting. yipee

There is more to making a video game than just making a video game.  At least, so I have been told.  Apparently, marketing is super important.   I find this rather unfortunate as I hoped to avoid it.  But here I am.  Week #2.

My journey in video game making has lead me to website building.  I am already familiar with javascript and have used it extensively for everything except making websites.  I also hate javascript.  I know, that’s a strong word, but so are my feelings.   I learned HTML and CSS at some point last year when I first decided I needed a website, but I still wasn’t looking forward to it.

I bought my domains through Google Domains, which has been a fine experience.  I got hosting through DreamHost.  I spent a number of hours comparing other providers, but DreamHost had good prices, the ability to host multiple domains from one server, unlimited sub domains, and did I mention the price?  All in all, I have no complaints yet.

After getting my domain and hosting squared away,  I needed to figure out how I would build my site.  I originally thought I would make it from scratch but soon realized I was supposed to be making a video game, not becoming a web master.  Therefore, I opted to use WordPress to manage my content and make it easier to add more pages in the future.  Of course, several hours were wasted looking for the right theme, and then several more adding to the CSS.  I’m sure I will be fiddling with it some more, but for now I think I will leave it.

After that, I messed with security, which as it turns out, is another topic entirely.  Minus another few hours from my life.  Then I spent another hour learning about SEO.  Apparently, google needs directions to properly find your website and display it in search results.

At the end of all of this, I have a running website that is painfully devoid of content.  I suppose that means I need to ditch my web developer hat and don my artist cap.

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